FeelSec Online Guides

What to do with these guides?

These guides main objective is to assist organizations in their information security management systems. Towards that goal, we share models and methods that can help in the main necessary phases, activities, tasks and template files (e.g., processes, plans, and policies) that will help an organization implementing an information security management system or implementing cybersecurity information security mechanisms (e.g., Open Source tools).

Guides roadmap

  • Politicas e Procedimentos (e.g., Segurança da Informação, Utilização da Internet)
    Expected date : June.
  • Planos de Contingência (e.g., Disaster Recovery, Continuidade de Negócio)
    Expected date : July.
  • Gestão do Risco (Processo, Técnicas e Ferramenta de Apoio Open Source)
    Expected date : August.
  • Processos (e.g., Segurança da Informação, Gestão de Incidentes)
    Expected date : September.
  • Sensibilização e Treino de SegInfo e Cibersegurança (e.g., Boas Práticas)
    Expected date : September.

Who we are?

FeelSec provides consulting, integration and project management services on information security and cybersecurity in order to help you to protect your business! Our services are available in person, or remotely, to support all steps available in our guides.

Are they free?

Some guides are free, however, some sections are paid.

How can I pay?

Payments are made using credit cards, and processed through Stripe. Your information is submitted directly to Stripe and we never store or even see your credit card details.